The Key

The keyNow that you have your map essentially complete, you need a key.  I define your key as the nonnegotiable terms that will define the journey for a lifetime.  I recommend that you keep this list to a minimum, as too many guidelines will be very difficult to keep up with.  My list has 5 resolutions.  It is okay to make clarifying statements to go along with your resolutions.  However, I’d keep them to a minimum for the sake of simplicity.

  1. Be content.
  2. Be present.
  3. Live each moment.
  4. Obey Jesus.
  5. Be honest.

One way to come to these terms is to brainstorm a big list of important traits and values.  Then take your time to rate them from most to least important.  Put the list away for a few days and get it back out and make sure that your ratings are consistent.  Then take the top four or five and write them into resolutions and post it somewhere prominent.  Try to write them as positive statements and not “I’ll never do such and such.”  Positive statements are more forceful and tend to help me think proactively rather than reactively.

Now that you have a good map, go forth and conquer!


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