Consumer-mas is coming

Consumer-mas is comingSoon it will be the time of year when ad copy trumps family tradition and worry about what gifts to buy drowns out the joy of giving those gifts.  Since Christmas is only 3 months away, I decided to write my wish list early.  I ended up with two lists.  One is the list the perfectly altruistic me would write.  It reads: Don’t give me anything.  Put all the money you were going to spend on me into the bellies of hungry kids.  The other is the list the minimalist me would write.  It reads: Help me build a standing desk.

As I take stock of what I have and don’t have, the don’t haves are not nearly as pressing as they once were.  I do not want many things that I do not have.  In fact, the opposite is true.  I want to get rid of many of the things I do have.

So here’s the plan.

This year as Christmas approaches, write a new kind of Christmas list.  Write down all the things you want to give away this year.  Whether you give them as gifts, to charities, or to the garbage collector matters not.  What matters is that this is a perfect opportunity to be counter-consumer and simplify your home and holiday season.

Remember, it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Photo by: ercwttmn.


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