Look forward to your first critic

Look forward to your first criticIt’s much easier to gain a following than to start a movement.  People will pay attention to you as long as you are new or shiny.  Anything that tickles the eyes and ears can gain a following.  If you have a worthy message, a following might turn into a movement.  A movement begins when people start to buy in and act on the message.  Through my blog, I hope to start a movement of people who will pursue their dreams for the good of the world.  I would count anyone’s success that was encouraged in any way by my writing a win!

How do you know when you are actually leading a movement instead of just gathering a following?  One of the early milestones is your first critic.  No one will have anything to criticize until you start to make changes.  Lots of people are uncomfortable when you start to rock the boat.  You know you are changing things when other people take note and complain about it.

If you already have critics, check out Chris Guillebeau’s advice on how to deal with them.  Until then, keep working hard and watching for your first critic.  It’s a sign that you might be on to something.

Photo by: National Library NZ on The Commons.


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