A few benefits of minimalism

A few benefits of minimalism

As my wife and I reduce our possessions, we have realized several benefits.  I mentioned in an earlier post that we are both working to cut our personal possessions to 100 things or less.  It’s our family’s version of the 100 thing challenge made famous by Dave Bruno.  One of the benefits we have enjoyed is more time for each other.  When we both arrive home from work, the last thing we want to do is clean up the house.  As we’ve reduced the clutter in our home, we have freed up time and space for each other.

Another benefit appeared unexpectedly a few weeks ago.  Some out-of-town friends called while we were out at dinner informing us that they were in town and would like to come for a visit.  We hadn’t seen them in almost a year so saying no was out of the question.  If you’re like me, you’re probably embarrassed to have people over when your house is a mess.  You especially don’t want to expose your mess when you don’t have any kids to blame it on.

Because we were in the process of minimizing our stuff beforehand, our house was free of clutter.  There was no stress to hurry and finish our dinner so we could rush home to clean house before guests arrived.  We took our time and arrived home just before our friends, excited to see them and not embarrassed of our home.  Since they work at a wilderness camp for kids, I was even able to give some of my unused camping gear for kids who would benefit from it.  It was an awesome, stress-free evening that we could enjoy thanks to minimizing our stuff.

I’ll post later on making room in the family budget for generous giving that we have been able to do since simplifying our lives.

Jump in and give minimalism a try!  The benefits are amazing and sometimes unexpected.  When you get the clutter out of your life, you create freedom and make room for meaningful relationships.

(Thanks for sticking around!  If you have seen any benefits to simplifying your life, share them with us in the comments.)

Photo by: Ben Heine.


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2 Responses to A few benefits of minimalism

  1. Jaya says:

    I Like 2 Topics that I read of Yours…n Yes Totally Believe in Them…But You have Managed to Put them into words Eloquently…Everyone doesnot hve the same Brilliance of Writing…)

  2. @ Jaya – Thank you for your kind words!

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