The Bucket List

My quest for a Holy Grail is to live a life without regrets.  Imagine lying on your death-bed knowing you loved well, worked hard for meaningful purposes, mended all broken relationships, served others and generally met most of your life goals.  Being satisfied with the overall story instead of wishing for more time to right wrongs and do things you never got around to trying.  This is where the worth of a good map really starts to shine.

One of the main components of a good map is a bucket list.  If you haven’t already written one, a bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die.  Of all the resources at your disposal, the only one that is truly not renewable is your time.  A bucket list helps you to budget your time so that you can do what is important instead of drowning in the urgent.  It gives you a ruler to measure how you spend your time.  Are you living your story or hiding out in the margins?

How do you write a bucket list?  I’ll give you a few things to think of, but remember that it is ultimately your list.  Some of the questions that I asked myself as I was working on my list are:

  • What are three places that I want to go?
  • What are three things that I want to be?
  • What are three things that I want to be able to do?
  • What are three things that I want to do?

Once you have a basic start on a bucket list, the ideas tend to flow more freely.  Nothing is too big for a bucket list.  Have you always wanted to start a medical aid mission in Africa?  Write it down.  Want to start an entrepreneurial venture?  Write it down.

In most cases you have always been the biggest limiting factor on what you are doing.  That’s uncomfortable but true.  By writing things down on your bucket list you are taking the first steps towards acting on your dreams instead of letting them fall off the pages of your story, crowded out by passivity and resistance.

If you need a little more help, here’s my working bucket list.  Copy me where my goals are interesting to you.

Brandon's Bucket List

(Thanks for reading!  Feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions in the comments.  Write your bucket list!  If you want to share it for a future article on remarkable goals email me at largethoughtcollider at gmail dot com.)


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