The Worth of a Good Map

No one likes to feel lost.  The worst thing about being lost is that there are too many ways to be lost.  You can be geographically lost.  You can be lost in a conversation where you know nothing about the topic.  Worst of all, you can be lost in life.  From time to time I experience these things, and nothing proves the value of a good map like being lost.

A good map has the power to locate you.  As long as you know two things you can plot the course to where you need to go.  First, you need to know where you are.  Second, you need to know where you want to go.

A bucket list, a moral compass, guides, and a key are the main components of a solid life map.  The bucket list is the destination.  A moral compass tells you the real worth of your trip.  Guides can tell you where you are now and often suggest smart ways to get to the destination.  The key brings everything together and makes it useful.

I’ll be writing several more posts on this topic because it’s something I run into all the time.  When I start to feel lost, I break out my map and get back on track.  Drawing a good map requires a lot of thought up front.  Refining your map requires regular updates.  Few people have really good maps, but you can tell who they are.  They always know where they are going.

Spend some time this week working on your map.  The time and energy spent now will pay rich dividends next time you start to feel lost.

(Thanks for reading!  I hope The Large Thought Collider has been helpful to you in some way over the past weeks.  If it has, please get the word out to other remarkable people who you think could benefit.  As always, feel free to drop comments or suggestions below.)


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