Who I Am Not

10. Tim Ferriss

9. Chris Guillebeau

8. Leo Babauta

7. Seth Godin

6. J. D. Roth

5. Joel Osteen

4. Collin Wright

3. Dave Bruno

2. You

1. Anyone else


Trying to write for public consumption makes me want to write things that have already worked.  In my heart is a person who wants to be interesting and popular.  I think that’s why a lot of people write blogs.  I do not want that to be my ultimate goal.  Rather, I want my blog to be as helpful to you as possible and allow you to make the decision about whether I am interesting or not.  So that we can all start from a common place, I’m going to tell you a little about who I am early on so that you can make an informed choice about being a part of my movement of remarkable people.

I am a Christian.  That means I believe that Jesus was a real historical person. Not only that, he was the son of God who made atonement for my sin.  He purchased a life for me that I could never have lived with his blood.  For that, I am eternally grateful.

I am a husband.  I have a lovely wife of whom I am very fond.  In many tangible ways she completes me.  I am grateful to have found a partner in life and not just a housemate.

I am a student.  I’ll be attending a seminary working on my masters of divinity this fall.  In addition to that, I am eternally reading and learning new things.  I love to learn.  Some of my most recent interests have been minimalism, writing, and mountain biking.

(Now that you’ve begun to hear a little about me, drop me a line and share a little about you in the comments or by email at largethoughtcollider at gmail dot com.)


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